As a wedding photographer, it is easy to get wrapped up in wanting to offer every single type of product that a picture can go on. When I first started my business I wanted to offer everything under the sun including save-the-dates, invitations, thank-you cards, matching t-shirts (okay, that one is a lie), etc. But I was forgetting one important fact...I am a photographer, NOT A PRINTER. I was spending hours trying to create custom designs and make tons of options to please everybody, and I obviously had to charge a ton of money for them because of how much of my time they soaked up. It wasn't fair to my clients, and it wasn't fair to me. Thankfully, I now have a great site that I send my clients to that provides an option for everyone AND at great prices - Wedding Paper Divas! They have adorable designs, with and without pictures, that are totally customizable.

In honor of "engagement season" I thought I would share my top 5 favorite save-the-date cards! I even plugged in my own engagement photos taken of some of my couples with 2013 weddings! Please let me know ( if you will be placing any orders with Wedding Paper Divas - I might have something special for you! Hint: It may or may not be a discount code! :)

1. BOXED MESSAGE MAGNET: This is my favorite! And you can change the letters to white or fuchsia pink!

2. DIVINE DESTINATION MAGNET: No picture, but it's SO CUTE! I had a hard time choosing between the yellow and teal!

3. WE THE WED CARD OR MAGNET: Simple and adorable. Lovely typography!

4. FLOATING FAIRYTALE CARD OR MAGNET: Love, love, love the typography!

5. ACUTE AFFECTION CARD: You probably know how much I love bright colors, so of course this had to make the list!

Have you made your save-the-dates? Leave a link to a photo of yours in the comments so we can check it out! :)