You know when you get a REALLY nice gift from someone and you don't want to use it because it's so nice and you know once you use it it'll be gone forever and you want to keep it forever?? Well, that's kind of what happened here. It's always been a dream of mine to have my work featured on 100 Layer Cake, so when it finally happened wayyy back in August, I kept hugging it real tight. It was the most wonderful gift and I had to do it justice. I couldn't *JUST* blog it, I had to savor it and love it. Well, I savored it for so long that I never got around to blogging it. Here I am 3 months later with some really really old news. Oops! What have we learned from this? Use nice gifts right away! Drink that bottle of scotch, take that toy out of the box, and eat those fancy chocolates...NOW! :)

Click here to see the feature on 100 Layer Cake!