I want to be a beautiful person.

The kind of beautiful that shines from the inside out.
I want to inspire happiness and joy.
I want to make you smile, even if it's just for a moment.

I want to be somebody who makes you feel like SOMEBODY.

I want to see you live your God-given purpose and for you to be the most beautiful version of yourself.
I will cheer on your successes and celebrate your victories.
I will silence the voice of jealousy because your blessing is not for me.
I will cherish what and who I have with a grateful heart.

I will seek wisdom and honesty.

I won't exaggerate because the truth is good enough.
I want to be intentional and lovely.
I will pray more and worry less.
I'll embrace the silence as much as the laughter.
I will make room in the conversation for you.

Because your voice is important.

Your thoughts have meaning.
I won't let myself feel superior or inferior, because beautiful people are who they are, no better or worse.
I won't complain about my hair, or thick thighs, or bad vision, or the calluses on my feet.
Because I am beautiful. This is my life resolution.
And it starts today. <3