HOT DANG, is it really mid-February!?! I swear 2015 just is it now 2016?? I'm not ready for that jelly, so I think I'll look back on 2015 a bit more! It was an absolutely incredible year with the sweetest couples on earth! I was giving a tour of my house the other day, and almost every time the person exclaimed "I love that!" my response was "that was a gift from one of my couples!" From frames to hand towels to welcome mats, even a photography board game!!!

I wish I could say I counted my blessings each and everyday, but I'm human, and sometimes it takes a house tour to realize how incredibly blessed I am by my couples! There's a whole collection of reviews that publicly expresses how my couples feel about me, but I don't think I share enough about how much they bless me in return! Gifts aside, these couples are absolutely the most generous and kind people I know. Some of them have seated us with their friends & family during the reception, some of them made sure to bring us a piece of cake after it was served, some of them pulled us onto the dance floor for an impromptu dance session, and one bride even surprised me with the same J. Crew bracelet she gifted to her bridesmaids! When I look back over these photos, I'm reminded that I truly have the best job in the world! <3

Apparently size really doesn't matter...this mini Momofuku Milk bar cake was my favorite cake of the year!

It's always flattering when a bride tells me that I'm her "best kept secret" - but all I'm like, "Noooo don't keep me a secret! Tell the world!!!" Thankfully Donna was totally fine sharing me with her bestie Stephanie, and I was able to be a part of both gals weddings! Double the memories and double the fun! :)

Swoon! Everything about Pamela & Ryan's reception at the Foundry was a dream!

The Ashford Estate earned itself a spot in my Top 5 Favorite venues list this year!

How precious is this daddy-daughter First Look? He loves her so much!

Alexandra Grecco tulle skirts look incredible on every body type and they WILL wear it again!

Parents dances almost always make me tear up. One of my favorite wedding photos is of me and my dad dancing!

PHEW! You made it through our longest post of the year!!! You should probably reward yourself with cake or something. But seriously, we are SO grateful for another year full of weddings. We get to spend our weekends at epic parties with wonderful people, great food, and endless smiles. Christopher also always pulls me onto the dance floor for a slow song later in the night. Isn't he just sweet as can be? 

To my incredible couples: Thank you for literally being the BEST EVER! We love you!!! <3


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