Chris & I had the best time exploring some new and old parts of Central Park with Liz and Jack! These two are lucky to live just steps from the The Metropolitan Museum of Art on the Upper East Side, so of course we kicked off the session there. We let the light lead us through the park, and eventually we landed in my favorite area - the Bethesda Terrace and Bow Bridge near the Central Park Boathouse! Oh and how much does Liz remind you of Lea Michele from Glee?! They could totally be sisters! :) 

We definitely got yelled at by security for this photo, but it was worth it! ;)

I *could* pretend these pigeons flew into my frame of their own accord...or I could tell you that I made Chris chase these poor birds around until they hilariously flew in our direction creating the ultimate representation of NYC! 

Congrats Liz and Jack!!! We can't wait for the wedding! <3


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