Pop the bubbly! Cue the confetti! It's time to announce our CONTEST WINNERS!!! 

This was THE TOUGHEST DECISION! When we created this contest, we never thought about how difficult it would be to choose a winner. We read every entry form multiple times and became very attached to each couple who shared their story. We truly wish we could afford to give away more than one wedding!!!  

After a lot of debate, one couple became the clear winner! I actually had excited butterflies as we clicked send on our congratulations email to Megan and Gabe of Venice Beach, CA! We must have read their entry form at least 10 times. Their answers were in a super cute "he said, she said" format, and we loved reading their love story through both of their voices. Plus, they were hilarious!  



"There will most definitely be an ice cream sundae bar,
because Megan’s idea of a balanced diet is an ice cream cone in each hand."


"Megan will call you a "beautiful, talented, brilliant,
powerful musk ox" as many times as you want." 
(Parks & Rec, for those not in the know)

8.23.14 - Gabe & Megan -Piggy Back .jpg

One of my favorite things about Megan and Gabe's entry form is the photo they sent. I cracked up when I saw he was on her back instead of vice versa! It is really important that we connect with our couple on a personal level, and not just because they are getting married in an epic location. 

Thankfully these two cuties have epic personalities AND an epic venue!!! We can't wait to celebrate with them at the Malibu West Beach Club in Southern California next August!

Photos provided by Malibu West Beach Club

Photos provided by Malibu West Beach Club