Not only is this one of my favorite engagement sessions ever, but Pamela and Ryan are quickly becoming one of my favorite couples! From Pamela's first email I knew we were meant to be! A love story between photographer and bride haha!! Speaking of love stories, you have GOT to hear how Ryan proposed to Pamela! I mean, c'mon...this is how movies are made!

"Our engagement story begins well before our actual engagement day, on Valentine's day of all days. Ryan presents me with a small gift box, but not before explaining that this gift, "is not what I think it is."  I open the gift to find a key, that I'm further instructed to keep on my keychain. I immediately think...ENGAGEMENT...but then remember the whole "it's not what you think it is."  Key goes on the key ring, and I try to forget about it (Emphasis on "try").

Nearly a month later, here I am at work...a typical Friday...crunching to meet a business proposal deadline.  My boss stops by my desk mid-morning to ask me, "So what are the odds we can get this thing out by 3pm?"  He goes on to detail this elaborate story about how IT was synching the network at 5pm, so he wanted to be sure we sent everything to the printers just in case the connection was somehow lost in the process. The President of our company even stopped by to corroborate the story asking, "So do you all know when the servers are going down?" - Nice touch.

Meanwhile, I'm furiously working through lunch, and at the exact moment I start printing the final proposal package, our courier drops off a package at my desk. I pick up the GINORMOUS box that looks like it's busting at the seams only to find it's super light!  I actually turn to my co-worker and say, "this must be a joke...because I'm pretty sure there isn't anything in here."  I think I even threw it up in the air a few times before I finally opened it and pulled out what seemed to be endless bubble wrap. (Did I order one pen or something?)  Lo and behold, tucked away in the far back corner is a small chest, locked shut.

Almost immediately I say, "Oh my god, I have a key!" Key opens box, and lying inside is a little hand drawn map and luggage tag. The tag talks about starting our journey and tells me to go to the spot where we had our first date.  I flip over the tag to read, "Don't worry, I already talked to the boss...you can leave." We had our first date at Paulo's in Georgetown (DC), so I half run/half fast walk to the little spot, all the while giggling to myself (I'm sure I looked completely crazy)...only to find he's not there. At first I imagine he's stuck in traffic, then think twice and reread the little tag...which explains that I must ask the bartender for another clue.  I do...and now I'm off to where we met - the bar in Virginia.  I got my next clue, which says, "So do you want to go on this journey with me? Head home and pack your bags."  Immediately I think to myself....it's a trip, not an engagement! Now I'm racing home cause who knows if I have to pack, if I have to meet him at the airport...I'm freaking out. I get home, only to open the door and see rose petals and candles. I break down...and he's there with our trip itinerary (Turks & Caicos) and the ring! It was the perfect engagement for me!"


Pamela and Ryan have a love affair with NYC and while neither of them actually live here, they feel more at home here than anywhere else. So their decision to host the perfect NYC wedding was an easy one! To celebrate their engagement, we adventured through DUMBO, stopping at Jane's Carousel first to take in the great views!


We then took a walk down the old railroad tracks on Plymouth St in DUMBO!


I had the pleasure of working with One Girl Cookies at Loverly's birthday party last year, so it was fun to stop by the DUMBO store front! Pamela and Ryan enjoyed a cozy coffee break!


We ended the session at the intersection of Washington & Water streets. Cobble stone and a view of a bridge? Yes please! Pamela and Ryan, you guys are so great! I am counting down the days until your wedding next year at the Foundry! <3


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