I think I have a new love...his name is Positano. He's romantic, charming, plays hard to get (to), and makes you feel BEAUTIFUL!!! Aside from the hundreds of stairs climbed on a daily basis, this might be heaven on earth! It was such an honor to capture Stacy and Steve's 10 year anniversary photos in Positano, a picturesque cliff-side town on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. We actually ran into Stacy and Steve on the beach the night before their session. We talked for almost 3 hours straight like we've known each other forever! Instant friends, miles away from home. We shared stories of our faith, our business struggles, childhood, marriage, and more. Talking to Stacy is much like talking to your diary! It's this couple's sweet love, genuine hearts, and open kindness that made our trip so memorable. Sure the views were INCREDIBLE, but the conversation and fellowship was the real magic!! <3

The majority of these images were taken on film...look how the water comes to life and almost twinkles!

I can't get enough of these blue tones!!

The terrain coming from Sorrento to Positano was so reminiscent of Scotland!

Stacy, you are so beautiful!!! 

This golden glowy sunset on film brings me right back to this moment! Steve and Stacy, thank you so much for giving us the honor of photographing you! Wishing you 100 more years of joy! 

Cassi Claire is an Amalfi Coast, Italy, and Destination wedding photographer
that creates joyful, romantic, and timeless photographs.