Gosh I just adore these two!!! Their love story is so similar to mine & Chris's so we've felt a very special connection with them from the beginning. They found each other young, love & respect each other deeply, and just can't get enough time together! It's the perfect recipe for a long and happy marriage! <3 Melissa and Ryan wanted a very classic, but beautiful and romantic wedding. Their blush & neutral color palette was the perfect match for the Ryland Inn's white and stone inspired design. Twisted Willow Flowers created delicate and timeless floral arrangements to help bring the couple's vision to life. Every little moment was perfect!  

"I am going to marry this girl.
We were BEST friends before we ever started dating.
She has the best work ethic, is so kind-hearted and always
looks out for the people she loves." - Ryan

The Ryland Inn recently built a new bridal cottage...I would rent it for this bathtub alone!

Ryan started tearing up before he even turned around to see his bride...my heart can't take it!!! 

"Charismatic, goofy, cuddly..." words they used to describe each other!

Yup, definitely goofy!! We kept each other laughing ALL DAY!!! 


Moment you are most looking forward to:

"When I am standing up at the altar with our best friends and family, the second Melissa turns the corner with her father. I have played this over in my head and the real thing will only surpass it." - Ryan

Moment you are most looking forward to:

"When Ryan and I walk down the aisle after the ceremony and we have those few seconds alone as husband and wife. I think it will be the FINALLY moment." - Melissa

Ryan embraced his Irish heritage and kicked off the reception with a surprise professional bag pipe performance!

Dress change mid-reception? YES PLEASE!



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