Sometimes you meet people and just know they will be your life-long friends! Nikki and Michael (whether they like it or not) are bound to be our life-long travel friends! Our friendship began when they hired me to photograph their NYC elopement! When I told them of me and my husband's plans to visit Europe just a month after their elopement, I was not-so-secretly hoping to get together with them while abroad! I believe my exact words were "LET'S HANG OUT IN EUROOOOPE!!!" Lucky for us, they'd been needing an excuse to cross Venice off their bucket list! :)

Venice Wedding Photos

Of course, there was no way I was going to let these newlyweds escape my camera! I mean, c'mon, IT'S VENICE! So I convinced them to come on a little photo shoot with us before dinner! :)

You wouldn't believe how rickety that teeny tiny pier was! This photo took bravery on everyone's part!

All the canals, the secret pathways, and tunnels created such glorious light for me to work with! 

It wouldn't be a photo session with Michael and Nikki if it didn't involve a jumping photo...or two!!

Thank you guys for entertaining me and my camera! You made me the happiest little photographer around! :)

Venice Wedding Photos

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