Oh me, oh my...I've been putting off this post for way too long! I wanted to blog about WPPI the minute I got home, but the project became more and more overwhelming the more I thought about how much I had to share! So, Iā€™m going to break this down day by day!! :)

day one.

We arrived to Vegas just in time for lunch and our first class with Kenny Kim. I learned a ton about destination weddings, and I seriously cannot wait until I book my first oversees wedding! For real, anyone want to hook me up?

After my first class, Chris and I met up with my New York girls for some fun Vegas headshots followed by dinner at Cabo Wabo with about 40 other photographers! On the way I got to see "fake Paris" - one of the things I anticipated most - and a whole bunch of Johnny Depp impersonators! Apparently he's the new Elvis! :)


day two.

Trade show day!! One of the main things I was looking forward to was the trade show/expo - and it did not disappoint!! I had a list of over 40 vendors that I wanted to see...from album companies to printers to accessory designers and more! I even got to meet one of my favorite musicians Marie Hines at the Music Bed booth!


Later, Chris and I learned from the incredible Lawrence Chan on how to create worthy blog content. Hopefully I can apply some of his tips so ya'll will still like me! :) That night Chris and I were lucky enough to attend the sold-out Madera party! I must say, it was my favorite night of the trip!! The party took place in the Penthouse suite at The Palms, and in case that wasn't impressive enough, Madera also brought in an incredible band, cigar girls in full costume, and had bartenders creating Sidecars and Monte Carlos all night long! On top of all that, we met so many incredible photographers from all across the globe. It was so great being able to connect and bond with other small business owners who face the same struggles and successes as me. Here's to some new friendships!


day three.

Remember that time I told you that I don't really get along with 5:00 a.m.? Well, I SURELY don't get along with it after a night of socializing and drinking Sidecars! But, I truly adore Katelyn James so I dragged my sleepy butt to her 6:30 a.m. posing workshop! We also attended Elizabeth Messina's and Jasmine Star's classes - they are so great! Another highlight of the trip was dinner with Fotofafa at Lotus of Siam! We made so many new friends, and I just felt crazy honored to be sitting at a table full of so much talent!

We ended the night at the much-anticipated Lazers & Blazers party - held at the Hard Rock's private nightclub called Vanity! Dear Lazers & Blazers, you had me at...photobooth!


day four.

Ahhhh, our day of rest. Kind of. This was a day of no WPPI, but it was certainly jam-packed! We walked the strip, spent hours in the arcade (my version of gambling), explored the lobbies of the really fancy hotels, rode the roller coaster and ate at the famous Bacchanal Buffet at Ceasar's Palace!


day five.

After learning from Jill LaFleur (wedding planner) and Jeremy Cowart (philanthropist photographer), we relaxed by the pool and enjoyed every last bit of the beautiful Vegas weather.


It was an AMAZING week. We filled our brains and bellies to the brim! We both came home motivated and excited! This trip was particularly enlightening for Chris - who used to just like shooting because it meant spending time with me, but now gets just as giddy and excited as I do with a camera in hand!! This trip was the PERFECT jump start to our 2013 season!! Beyond excited to see what's in store for this year!! :)