Merry Christmas guys!! I didn't realize how much "Christmas" I needed to cram into one post, so apologies in advance for being all over the place! Let's start with our first time mailing a Christmas card as a married couple (even though we have been married for almost 3 years!). I LOVE Minted and have been dying for an excuse to use them. Their gold foil cards are gorgeous!

the front

the back

From left to right: (1) view of my favorite bridge - the Verrazano (2) we traveled to Cape May for the first time which included yummy breakfast at the Mad Batter (3) my first niece, Mia, was born on July 29th (4) we watched the inspiring NYC marathon (5) we vacationed at CAMP-of-the-WOODS with Chris's family (6) Chris and I photographed weddings together all year long (7) my brother Fred got married (8) we traveled to Vegas for a photography convention WPPI (9) we went to the Central Park Zoo (10) 2013 (11) we went to Coney Island more times than I can count (12) our two kitties Penny and Sasha (13) we cruised around Manhattan - love this view of the Brooklyn Bridge (14) my best friend since 4th grade got married and I was MOH - thanks Amy Rizzuto for the photo (15) a view of our life in NYC (16) view of the Rocky Mountains from the plane to Vegas (17) another snapshot of our life in NYC (18) we saw Cinderella and Wicked on Broadway this year (19) palm tree from Vegas (20) Chris took me on the best birthday date ever which included row boating around Central Park!

2013 was AMAZING...especially when I look back at it all in instagram format haha! This Christmas was our first year getting our own tree and decorating the house. We were so giddy (and a little neurotic) decorating our first tree. I have this thing where everything needs to match at all times! We went with a gold color scheme because it's just so darn festive and makes me feel so happy! So this year...EVERYTHING was gold! Gold foil Christmas cards, gold stickers, gold ornaments, gold ribbon on the tree, gold backdrop for our Christmas party, gold candles, gold tablecloths, gold plates, gold napkins, gold utensils, gold cups, gold, seriously, everything...


This was also our first Christmas party! I'm not sure if it will become an annual tradition just yet...especially since half of our guests weren't able to make it this year due to my worst enemy snow. But we had an amazing time with those who were close enough to make the trek through inches and inches of snow! :) Thank you Carla Bonnet for manning the FUNbooth! :)


YMCA! You don't want to know how long this took to master...


A huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge thank you to everyone who made it (or attempted to make it) to our Christmas party! It meant the world to us!! And for those who were snowed in, you were there in spirit! We missed you so much but are glad you all stayed safe! :)


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! I hope you are all having an amazing day filled with love and laughter!! Sending hugs your way! xoxoxo!