When Chris first told me that the job he applied for required us to move to Brooklyn, I was a wreck. I had just started gaining traction on my photography business in NJ, just started making friends, and just started getting close to my family again (after having lived in Miami and upstate NY since leaving home at 18). I cried like a baby. I wasn't ready to leave again, and I certainly wasn't ready to live in another big city. Miami was a less than enjoyable experience for me, and I really wasn't looking forward to worrying about my personal safety every day (again).

I especially wasn't ready to relocate my baby-business and begin the process of making photography friends all over again. A few days after we moved in to our new place in Brooklyn, I purchased New York Weddings magazine. I wanted to scope out the best of the best New York photographers listed in the vendor guide. I admired website after website, and I thought, someday I'll be in this magazine. It was one of those things you tell yourself as an encouragement boost, but you doubt will really happen. Well, after two years of falling in love with this city, making tons of new friends, and growing my passion into a successful full-time wedding photography career...I can say that "someday" is today!

There I was, standing on the 3rd floor of Barnes & Nobles in Union Square, holding New York Weddings magazine fresh from the rack, with MY name in it. MY NAME! It took every morsel of self-control not to grab the person standing next to me and ask them to jump up and down with me! Instead, I stood there, smiling all dreamy-eyed at a magazine, completely lost in the moment. All the fear, all the was for nothing. God knew what he was doing when he moved us here. I can't believe all the awesome I would have missed out on had I let my fears hold us back.

New York Weddings Magazine Photographer - 1

The best part was reading the little description they wrote about me! I had to go through an application process to even be considered for their list of recommended photographers, and apparently all of this came through in the process - woo hoo!!! A real journalist wrote about me...I still don't believe it! Pinch me! :)

New York Weddings Magazine Photographer - 2

Here's to conquering new fears and following a path regardless of how scary it may seem at the time! :)

PS: See it in their online directory too!